How to Stay Healthy Even After 50

on Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Old age doesn't necessarily mean bad health. There are many old people who are much healthier than the young because of their lifestyle habits. If you consume proper nutrition, that's How to Stay Healthy Even After 50. Exercise regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle you're old age can be just as enjoyable as your youth. Plenty of adults, after the age of 50, spend their time travelling and trying out different activities they couldn't do earlier. Being healthy and young is a state of mind and can be easily achieved with just a few alternations in your daily routine.

Our body derives energy out of the nutrition we supply it with. Good nutrition enriches the organs in our body and improves all the internal system. Bad nutrition has the opposite effect. Regular consumption of unhealthy food like deep fried snacks and caffeinated soft drinks causes the systems in our body to become sluggish. This results in numerous health problems and conditions. Prolonged exposure to high stress situations or environments and insufficient exercise further deteriorates the health of our body and causes system failures and breakdowns. After a certain age our body's fighting mechanism slows down and we become more susceptible to health problems. At this age is becomes even more detrimental that we give our body the right kind and amount of nutrition and exercise. There are some nutrients whose consumption is very important once we cross the age of 50. The nutrient called glycyrrhiza glabra or mulethi in hindi has multi fold benefits. It had immune-stimulant properties that strengthen the immune system, antioxidants that destroy toxic substances in the body, and can also be used to treat multiple ulcers. It also acts as a laxative and regular intake is known to improve memory power. Ginseng is a nutrient that helps cure weakness in old people and retards the ageing process. It cures insomnia and joint pains as well, along with improving stamina and sperm count. The mineral zinc plays an important role in fertility. It is involved in testosterone, estrogen and selenium production which helps improve sperm motility. It's known to protect the consumer from prostate cancer as well. Calcium is needed in old age as it helps keeps bones healthy. Calcium when supplemented with magnesium improves bone mineral density, thus preventing osteoporosis. Magnesium is also known to reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. While phosphorus helps in bone formations, digestion and excretion, protein formation, energy extraction, cell repair and nutrient utilization. It is also known to maintain hormonal balance. Iron helps release of energy. It is a part of the blood cells in the body and its main function is to help carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and other organs. When iron is low, this oxygen consumption slows down. Iron deficiency is more common than many think. Incidence of anemia, caused by iron deficiency is very high in India, especially among women.

All the above nutrients, vitamins and minerals are very important, especially in old age. They help in making your old age pain free and disease free. Many supplements like Geria Gold are available in the market that contains all these necessary nutrients, which should be consumed regularly for a healthy life ahead.
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