Going Shampoo-Free For Healthier Hair

on Saturday, 16 March 2013

    When it comes to obtaining the healthiest, silkiest hair possible, many folks can attend nice lengths: attempting every new hair-care product that hits the market, switching to organic beauty merchandise, and even ditching hair shampoos altogether.

However wait, how are you going to expect hair to be clean and healthy without your daily shampoo suds? This is the premise for the newest hair-care trend, referred to as "no-poo," where you eschew using chemical-laden shampoos in favor of using solely conditioner or homemade hair-care choices to cleanse your tresses.

There are several reasons the no-poo trend has caught on. One is that the majority industrial shampoo brands contain a lot of chemicals like sulfates, that are the detergents that permit hair shampoos to foam and bubble. Many individuals associate the suds with the shampoo's ability to cleanse, but of course, sulfates are harsh and drying to the scalp, and can even enable alternative chemicals to leach into hair and skin. Another reason to ditch shampoo is for environmental purposes; the chemicals in shampoo get into the ground and water once rinsing, and years of hair-washing equals quite a lot of bottles in landfills. Finally, going sans shampoo permits your scalp to manage its oil production, and gets your tresses back to their natural state. (It takes a few weeks - and even up to a couple months - for hair to manage itself, so bear in mind before starting that your mop won't look fabulous the first day.)

To travel no-poo, you've got to search out new ways to cleanse and condition your coif. The primary step is to stop using hair styling product. Similarly to shampoos, these can contain chemicals and weigh locks down, and the purpose of no-poo is to let hair be natural. To wash hair, mix a tablespoon of baking soda and one cup of water in a very cup or bottle, and mix it well. Rub your concoction into your mane, specializing in the roots. Let it sit for a minute, then rinse totally.

If you want, you'll be able to continue conditioning as usual, or you can combine your own conditioner still. You'll use regular vinegar, but apple cider vinegar works best; mix a tablespoon of vinegar into a cup of contemporary water, then work it into your hair the same approach as you did with the baking soda mixture. Rinse well when done. To keep hair from smelling like salad dressing all day, you'll be able to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the vinegar mix before use.

If you like the thought of putting fewer chemicals onto and into your body, however aren't prepared to forego your hair styling products for sensible, the next best choice would be to look for shampoo brands that don't contain sulfates. You'll realize plenty of those brands online, and even some in your local drugstore. Whether you decide on to go no-poo or merely eliminate sulfates from your hair-care products, your hair will seem healthier.

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